How does the new gallery system work? What about the 3dtotal Excellence Award?

Artists can now upload and maintain their own artwork and portfolios. 3dtotal staff will pick artwork for the Staff Picks section, and artists selected will receive a badge for their profile. Every month a guest artist will select a top image from that month, and the winner will receive a selection of prizes. Click here for more information.

How do I upload an image to the gallery?

We've written a short guide on uploading images to the galleries.

How often do the Staff Picks update?

3dtotal staff work Monday to Friday, so we will update Staff Picks every day except Saturday and Sunday, and bank holidays. If your artwork has not been selected for a Staff Pick after about a week, unfortunately this means it will not be selected.

How many pieces of artwork can I have in my portfolio?

There is no limit to the artwork you can have.

How do I create a parallax image?

Please click here for a parallax image tutorial (to be updated).

How often will the analytics for the member page update?

You can set the desired parameters but the stats will be on a 24-hour delay.

What do the Member Badges mean?

The 'Ownerless' badge means that this member was automatically created by 3dtotal staff, and is not necessarily connected to the real artist.  (If your Member account appears to say 'Ownerless', or if you can see a profile for yourself on the site but are unable to login or recover your password, please contact us to get access to your member profile!)

The 'Old one' badge means that the member existed before the 2018 relaunch of the 3dtotal site!

The 'Immortal' badge is for members who have been members for over 10 years - wow!

The 'Staff picked' badge is for members who have had one of their Creations 'Staff picked' to appear on the homepage.

The 'Scholar' badge is awarded to anyone who has written a Tutorial for us!

The 'Author' badge is for those who have been published in one of 3dtotal's books!

Who can we report bugs to?

Please give feedback by emailing